Passive testing for those in Douglas, Isle of Man - $150 for setup, then $40 monthly


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Aug 1, 2017
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Hi all!

I've been asked by Utest to help recruit people from Douglas in the Isle of Man for some easy passive testing, here's the details:

We have a customer who has servers all over the globe which passively gather cell signal strength info for the area. The project involves the tester receiving a server which they will set up in their home on their own internet network. Once the server is up and running, the "testing" is passive, you just have to let the server run. This means that you will get paid just to let it run in your home, and no input is needed unless problems occur.
To qualify for this project, testers must meet the following criteria:
  • Testers must be able to speak/write English fluently for communications.
  • Tester home must have a constant internet connection for the server. (Server uses about 1GB of data per month.)
  • Tester router must be accessible via admin commands (in case changes need to be made to router).
  • Testers will need to have mouse/keyboard and VGA monitor for initial server setup.
The payout for testers is $150 for the initial setup which will be done with the customer over the phone or online chat. Once the server is set up, tester will get $40/month just to keep it running. If anything goes wrong and the customer needs the tester's help to get something fixed, tester will get $25/hr for any time spent troubleshooting.

Project Details:
  • Start Date: ASAP & Ongoing

If anyone is interested please PM me your email address and I will refer you to them. For clarity, I get $100 referral bonus for anyone that signs up and takes part.

All the best!
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