Reselling up cycled furniture

Annie Beau

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Mar 15, 2015
Looking for some advice on couriers and courier pricing. A friend is really good at making old tatty furniture look absolutely amazing but she doesn't know how to sell it out of the local area. She's had a few sales with local collection but isn't really in the right area to price items high enough to make a profit. Thinking of listing on etsy but this would involve a courier.. But here's the thing. Firstly to get a price from DPD or Hermes they want the weight of the item but how do you weight a chest of drawers /sideboard?
How do we go about sending this stuff? I've seen furniture on etsy with free delivery but interested to know how they can offer that without knowing the customers location

The Reverend

The Reverend
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Oct 6, 2015
I'd say a lot of people either have

access to free (their companies) courier network
don't mean to put free delivery on large furniture items.

The other thing they might do is offer pallet delivery through a marketplace (shiply? I think it is called).

But furniture IS expensive to ship because it is generally large and heavy.

I'd say promote it to the wider, local area rather than look at shipping. DSR must be a nightmare too as customers may refuse delivery because the item is 'bigger than they thought/a different shade of blue/etc'.

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