Matched Betting Guide / Instructions The Money Shed Presents : Make Money from Matched Betting – Beginner’s Guide


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Oct 17, 2013
If you've ever wanted to give Matched Betting a go then take a look at our Beginner's Guide

It's over 7000 words, 24+ sections and covers everything you need to know about the subject to help get you started earning money sooner than ever!

The Sections covered in the guide are

1 What is Matched Betting?
2 Jargon Buster
3 How Matched Betting Works
4 What is a Betting Exchange
5 What is a Qualifying Bet
6 What is a free bet
7 Is Matched Betting A Scam?
8 What does it mean Risk-Free?
9 Is Matched Betting Legal?
10 Do I Need to Understand Sports or Betting to do Matched Betting?
11 Do I Need to Declare This to HMRC?
12 Does Matched Betting Impact Your Credit Rating?
13 Will Matched Betting Affect My Chances of Getting a Mortgage?
14 How Much Money Do You Need to Get Started with Matched Betting
15 Can I do Matched Betting if I’m not very good with technology!
16 I’m not in the UK, Can I Still Do Matched Betting?
17 Why do I need to pay for a Matched Betting company?
17.1 Profit Accumulator
17.2 OddsMonkey
18 Why is it Important to Use a Matched Betting Company?
19 Do Matched Betting Companies run any Special Offers?
20 What are some of the common Matched Betting offers available?
20.1 Sign up Offers
20.2 Reload Offers
20.3 2nd Place Horse Refund Offers
20.4 Free Bet on Horses over 4.0 Offers
20.5 Extra Place Horse Offer
20.6 William Hill Golden Goal
20.7 Football Accumulator Offers
20.8 Virtual Horse Offers
20.9 2UP Football Offers
20.10 In Play Football Offers
20.11 2nd Chance Goalscorer Offers
20.12 Bore Draw Offers
20.13 Price Boosts
20.14 Weekly Bet Clubs
20.15 No Risk Slot Offers
20.16 Totally Free Spins Offers
20.17 Low Risk Slot Offers
20.18 High Risk Slot Offers
20.19 LIVE Casino Offers
20.20 Bingo Offers
21 How can you make even more money with Matched Betting during special occasions?
22 How Much Money Can You Actually Make from Matched Betting
23 Is Matched Betting Actually Worth It?
24 Top Tips for being successful at Matched Betting over the long term
24.1 Be Organised
24.2 Plan Ahead
24.3 Keep Track of Your Earnings
24.4 Don’t Lose Faith
24.5 Don’t be Afraid to be a Mug
24.6 Mistakes Will Happen
24.7 What About Arbitrage Betting?
25 What is the future of Matched Betting?
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