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Apr 24, 2022
I do a lot of online surveys and use the proceeds to buy supermarket vouchers. Lately, I have become pretty obsessed with finding other ways to reduce our spending. And most of my focus has been on reducing our food spending.

My partner laughs at my attempts. But I reckon that a little bit of work has saved us about £100 over the past couple of months. This is money we have been able to spend on other things.

I've detailed everything I do or have done in the past few months below. But is there anything else you think I could be doing or apps I could be using?

Saving Money (or earning cashback) at the supermarket:

1 - JamDoughnut

Link(s): (no sign up bonus, use code GMN2 for a free £5)

I use this app for buying prepaid giftcodes. I now buy gift cards to the supermarket before I go shopping (you get them instantly, so you could actually buy them whilst standing at the till). The supermarket offers are:​
5% cashback on Morrisons Vouchers, 4% Cashback on Asda vouchers, 4% Cashback on Sainsbury's vouchers.
The app pays out to your bank once you have £10, and it only takes a couple of hours until you have the money in your account. They are currently offering a £5 bonus when you sign up using a referral code - mines is GMN2

2 - GreenJinn

Link(s): (no sign up bonus)

I use GreenJinn to get cashback (paid to paypal) for buying certain things at all the top supermarkets. Sometimes they give me money off, and sometimes I get to try products for free. This month I got some free granola.​

3 - Shopmium

Link(s): Shopmium (free pringles link) ----- (no sign up bonus)

This is the same as GreenJinn, but with different offers. I've been getting half-price Tilda rice and free costa coffee, and I also got some nice pasta meals with a steep discount this month. It stacks with usual discounts, so often I get things for free! My referral link will get you a free can of Pringles, and will give me £3 bonus cashback on my next few purchases.​

Free trials:

1 - Hello Fresh (3 meals for 2 for free)

Links: HelloFresh (3 meals for two for £5 delivery) ---- (no sign up bonus)

I signed up for a free Hello Fresh box containing everything for dinner for three nights. A referral link gives a total discount of £47. The first box has £27 off, so you can get 3 meals for 2 people for £4.99 delivery. Then, if you decide you like it, the next boxes will be discounted by £10. You can choose what meals are delivered. If after the first box, you decide its not worth the full price you can cancel it! I carried on with the full trial, but will have to cancel when it is full price since its just a little too expensive.​

2 - Simply Cook (spice kits for four meals for free)

Link(s): Simply Cook free ingredient box link ---- (no bonus link)

Simply Cook sends you a box of non-perishable ingredients to your door (things like spices, stocks, sauces, and other store cupboard stuff) each packaged up for a certain recipe. You get a recipe card with instructions for each meal, and you just have to add fresh ingredients to cook your own food. You can also buy these individually in supermarkets like Tesco.​
I signed up for the free box, then cancelled the subscription. They are really nice, but there are cheaper ways to make tasty meals. My referral link gets you your first recipe box for free (I'll get one too). This equates to ~£10 off and free delivery is also included.​

3 - Graze (four snack boxes free)

Link(s): Graze (free snack box) ---- (no bonus link)

I only signed up to Graze last week to get a free box of four snack boxes through my letterbox. I had a choice of four different variety boxes depending on what you want (variety box, protein box, light box, or vegan box). Its basically things like nut/chocolate mixes, brownies, flapjacks, etc. You've probably seen them all in in supermarkets like Tesco.​
My link gets you your first snack box for free (I'll get one too). This equates to ~£4.49 off and free delivery is also included. I have already cancelled the subscription, as they can be found cheaper in the supermarket.​
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