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Apr 10, 2020
Really self explanatory on this one, happy to help as much as I need, get £20 for sending yourself £100 worth of euros to a Revolut / TransferWise / Bitwala account.
Once this is done, you instantly get credited a £20 voucher which you send yourself. Total profit after fees £19.01
World Remit do not let you publicly post referral links, so you will have to message me direct for a link - I’m always keeping an eye on my messages.
if you don’t have TransferWise or Bitwala I can help with these too as there is a referral involved.


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Dec 22, 2020
I'm also inviting people.

First step to this World Remit referral is to set up an account in another currency eg Euros. If you don't already have a Euro account, then Transferwise is best.


  1. Once signed up on that link, download the Transferwise app from your App Store
  2. Click the top left where it says "open a new balance" and choose Euros
  3. Deposit 20 Euros into Transferwise (don't worry this is only a deposit so you'll get it back)
  4. Then if you click on Euros again, on the right it'll say "bank details", then it will display your IBAN number (this is like an account number/sort code on UK banks).

World Remit:

  1. Choose to send £100 pounds from the UK to Belgium in Euros
  2. It'll ask for the recipient details. This is the person receiving the money so you'll fill in your name and IBAN number from your Transerwise app (click "Euros" then "bank details" to find this). When it asks for your phone number, just use a random Belgium phone number (they never call don't worry... this is a Belgium number I found online that you can use +32 2 318 23 90). Also when it asks you for the reason of transfer just choose any as it doesn't matter (it's just for their marketing team.... i just chose "friends/family"
  3. Apply the promo code 3free so you don't pay a service fee (REALLY IMPORTANT you apply this!!!)
  4. Go ahead and send the money (feel free to send me a screenshot for peace of mind to check you've done it correctly if you wish).
  5. 7-10 days later you'll receive a £20 discount code via email. Keep checking your emails so you don't miss this including checking junk/spam.
  6. When the email arrives, go back onto World Remit and initially choose to send £100 pounds from the UK to Euros all over again in the same way you did above but this time make sure you apply the £20 discount code in your email (instead of the "3free" promo code). This will take your transfer down to sending just £80 but still receiving one hundred pounds worth of Euros.
  7. Enter your UK bank card details to send the payment.
  8. When the Euros lands in your Transferwise account, you can switch it back to Pounds and send back to your UK bank account.

Message me if you get stuck - we can send screenshots so it's clear and I can check it's all correct!

Also message me to do other money transfer referrals similar to this one.
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Nov 15, 2020
WorldRemit is a popular money transfer service that's fast, simple and secure. Right now they're offering new customers £20 FREE when you transfer £100. This is easily one of the best offers around!

*Note*: The bank account you're transferring money from needs to be a different currency to the bank account you're transferring the money into. Eg, transfer money from your £GBP account into your €EUR account.


1. Sign up using my referral link

2. Select the country you want to send money to and click 'Get started'

3. Enter at least 100 GBP as the amount to send. Use the code 3FREE in the 'Got a promo code?' box to remove the transfer fee

4. Click 'Add new recipient'. Enter your EUR bank account details. Enter your email address and mobile number (ignore the area code, just enter your number without the '0'). Address details can be made up (just Google an address and use it)

5. As the reason for sending choose 'Sending funds to self'

6. Fund your transfer by sending £100 from your UK bank account to WorldRemit. Make sure you include your unique reference number

7. The transfer is usually complete within a day or two. Afterwards you'll get a £20 voucher to use with your next transfer. There'll be a small fee of 99p for this second transfer.

8. Enjoy your free money! :giggle:

Happy to help if you've got questions

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Mar 23, 2021
Thank you for the details. Joined up earlier today - not sure I can remember who's referral code I used but one of you will get a bonus :)

I also joined up to transferwise (or Wise) - that looks really good! They don't seem to have a very good referral scheme but the app itself is really good! I now have a European bank account and will do some of the other money transfer offers on this site! Thanks again

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