New profile posts

Loving this gentle breeze.
Enjoyed the thunder / lightning / rain for the whole 10 minutes we got it in Leeds
Attempting to understand Google rankings and SEO...
The google analytics app is a bit addictive..
The Kloudhost half price deal was winking at me so I finally bought a new domain & hosting last night for a mini project. Eeeek!
Highly resisting the urge to keep playing with my site and just going to press the big red button!
Crumbs, I'm active on 414 programs on AWIN :o
chuffed to bits as I've now reached £1100 profit from matched betting.
Starting my social media campaign very slowly..
Fineco money has actually finally come in!
At some point this heat has to stop right?
Apparently I dislike all privacy policies and am creating my own. Who knew I would have such a strong opinion!
Finally writing my cookie policy!
Been Gromit spotting today so time for a profile update :)
Actually now building my social media launch plan!
If you don't ask you don't get...
This weather is not helping my productivity levels AT ALL
Contemplating building my social media website launch plan..