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I believed I could win something on the quiz apps & today I proved it!
Back up to number 1 on google! Woop
Last 2 weeks as a white van roamler man
Yes Cas, still driving but will be doing deliveries of cash to places in Scotland only, so, my apps use will all but die
The Reverend
The Reverend
Wowzers! How will they cope? More importantly, how will your holiday fund cope?


Congratulations on the new job :)
LOL Cheers Rev... yeah, think i will be winding down big time on task apps.... have barely done anything in last 6 or so weeks anyway tbh, Things in current job been really bad this year, since Jan been practically on part time week 16 hours following week 40 hrs, and only paid the hours you work i was having to use holidays to make a wage up on payout weeks...
is there anything good that is real not bull s@@t that I can do online to make some money? anything please ?
Use the forum Jamie and ask questions. NOTHING on here is BS!
Dick Barton
I make good money Jamie selling on Ebay...anyone can do this!
Attempting to run 5 different survey/testing sites as well as doing some MB today... all at the same time!
Really cannae be assed with surveys at the mo
Queen Jess
Queen Jess
Oh yes... I have those days (and sometimes weeks..)
So skint it hurts
Getting things ready...have a nosey at Instagram - > @socialvectoruk
Ooh - just found an old Oyster card in a drawer and have requested a refund of £15. This is the week of finding money! Update: And another one (don't ask why I have two) with £20 on it!
Wahoo - just found £20.50 in a survey site I haven't accessed for months!
I'm not a robot !!!!!
Someone needs to make a website that ranks just how bad the 'Free' WIFI is in Coffee shops around the country!
I can't take this crappy co-op wi-fi any longer. Roll on the 12th Sept when I am having broadband installed :D
Great to see the sun out again!
Toasting in Turkey
is that you in the photo? is that the chase
Hi yes - it is me when I was on The Chase - was 2014
Well my exchange balance is happy today if nothing else
Hello again cold weather!