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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas
Planning to get in the Christmas spirit now - I've dug out the cards, wrapping paper etc
Have some Christmas cheer on TMS!
Spending money on yet more Xenforo license extensions for all you lucky people!!
LEGO Advent Calendar animation video 3 is now edited and I think it's my favourite so far! Eep!
Moving house. Be back online soon.
New here, but looking forward to picking up lots of tips. I am currently off work due to depression and finances are tight. I have a small blog and YouTube channel, bith of which I am hoping to grow. It is going to be nice to get to know you all.
Dick Barton
What is your Youtube channel?
Visiting Christmas Markets around the UK!!
Just a little bit of a change hehe :)
1000 points in Mintvine equates to $10.00
Can someone please tell me what 1000 points in Branded surveys equates to in actual money? Cannot find info anywhere!
It's Nearly Black Friday woop woop!
Squeezing bubble wrap bits in a One Direction mug.
Matched betting going well.. i'm in profit but running short of funds (oh the irony!)
Getting a bit fed up of the grey cloud and rain now.
Boo.. cold virus season is back. Been lying in bed/on the sofa for 3 days :(
Is Halloween over yet?