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    Coronavirus Discussion COVID-19 Infection Survey (CIS)

    Wow, small world as I've also been in one of the ONS cohorts for a good few months. Randomly selected apparently. This must be an expensive survey to run given that it's £25 per swab, but I feel like I'm earning the money... Doing the swab correctly (i.e. right at the back of the throat and then...
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    Banking Money Dashboard Referrals

    Money Dashboard are running an online training programme to guide you to reach £5k of savings (which will of course get them a few extra users along the way). There's also a £5k prize draw so one lucky person can take the fast track. Sign up here.
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    Shares / Stocks Freetrade - Free share worth £3-80

    (Oooh, it's good to be back on The Money Shed) As everyone else has said, a free share on offer with the potential for it to be a Tesla stock (currently worth $1500), but make sure you fund your account with at least £1 and complete the W8-BEN to be in the running. If you want to keep your £1...
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    Sign Up Offers Wealthify - £50 cashback for depositing £500 for 3 months+

    Main difference between Vanguard and Wealthify/Nutmeg is that the latter use Actively managed funds to try to beat the market. Vanguard think that it's impossible to (cost effectively) beat the market long term*, so just aim to match the market's returns (aka Passive management). If you're...
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    Sign Up Offers Wealthify - £50 cashback for depositing £500 for 3 months+

    It probably depends on whether you want a General (taxable) Investment Account or an ISA, as I think the fees, which are a key consideration, differ for both. Both platforms seems Personally I really only went for Wealthify as the cashback provided a buffer against the market declining, which...
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    Bux Stock Trading App - FREE stock worth up to £100

    Just in case anyone stumbles across this Investous aren't regulated in the UK, so aren't allowed to transact in the jurisdiction. Still waiting on 'Bux Zero'/'Bux 0' to launch in the UK, but SpectorStreet's correct Freetrade and Trading212 are solid offerings.
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    Shares / Stocks Stake app; Get a free share App, GoPro,Dropbox,Nike

    I actually think I prefer the interface to Freetrade:
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    TMS Exclusive Offer Neilsen Computer Panel - Grab a share of £30,000!

    Any idea if that's 150 winners pcm, or 150 winners across the full year?
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    Banking Chip - the automatic savings app

    Yep, I've been sent a 'Golden Ticket' (or similar) which nets me £5 for the first 3 people who sign up and enter my promo code (MI68UF if you were wondering) on the profile page within the app by midnight tonight. They'll get £10 added into their account 30 days after the algorithm has taken...
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    Automated saving & investing via bots and apps (Oval app)

    Chip are now giving you a free £10* when you sign up through a referral. Website is and my promo code is MI68UF I think this is only a free £10 for the joiner, referrer just gets a happy glow: *Must enter promo code on same day you download the Chip app, £10 is added...
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    Banking Deposit £1000 Receive £100 Bonus Fineco Bank

    Deposit £3k, ouch! That's quite the jump on last time.
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    Automated saving & investing via bots and apps (Oval app)

    FREE £15. Hi, love Chip? Share the love! Give a friend £15 For the next 24 hours we're giving your friends the chance to get £15... for free. Enjoy all that good karma coming your way. If you have a friend / loved-one / arch-nemesis / frenemy / sibling / parent / casual-acquaintance /...
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    Banking Chip - the automatic savings app

    Not currently. It's expected that this may change in the future.
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    Sign Up Offers Wealthify - £50 cashback for depositing £500 for 3 months+

    Tacking this on here, as I've just found out about Wealthify circles, which can knock some money off the fees. Give me a shout if you want a link to the circle I'm currently in (10% off fees).
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    Sign Up Offers Wealthify - £50 cashback for depositing £500 for 3 months+

    I'm envious of this relatively quick turn around to get a 10% return! I signed up via a prior offer and had to lock up £400 across 6 months to get a £40 referral. What I'd add to Mattam's post above is that you don;t have to sign up for an ISA, you can still qualify via a General Investment...