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Happy to share my details with you for referral as still waiting for someone to open account.....I used the person before me in this thread
Hi there

Forgive me for getting in touch. I just wondered if you use Answerbank, as there is someone with your username on there who I have talked with before!

Hi there, I see you used to work for Admin hub too. I am trying to find another text company, do you have any you can suggest?
Hi Scarlett, ex admin hub here too. I just read your message in the thread. About Katie and Kelly not being real names? out of interest was Katie a male boss? Just curious as to who was behind Katie?
Scarlett R
Hi I dont post much here. The Katie name was generic, all the support staff used it, as they use Kelly on the phone side where I still work, hoping that does not vanish too. I started with them back in 2012 when the rate was 20p a message and it was my sole income for a long time ,