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Hi.... If anyone want to go Lego Land on 1st July Thursday I have 2 free tickets, If anyone is intrested?
Hiya...hope you don't mind the PM...I've been trying to research printers that can handle 230gsm or around there, I picked up on a message from Rich110991 about you had recommended a printer, could I please ask what this was as I'm pulling what hair I have out...many thanks for any help/advice you can help me with..MAX
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Hi, I did not even know that this profile comment was a thing.

I have the Epson ET-2756 and it will handle 230gsm. It says in the specs that it will even do 300gsm.
Claire Baker
I have an Epson EcoTank ET2650 which is economical with the ink and prints very good photos. I use mine for digital art which, now I have sorted out the line issue, is fab. Definitely recommend
Hi. Did you get your referral bonus? Another person I referred said that they had to chase Utility Point. They asked for my account number which is UPD0267371

Hi they are asking for your name as well thanks