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    Question / Discussion Weekly cash outs

    Curious Cat survey app has instant cash out to PayPal, also CitizenMe app pays instantly to PayPal, though surveys few and far between at the moment.
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    Best earners online!!!!

    Matched betting blows anything else I do out the water in terms of earnings. I'm over 3k up since Feb and I haven't been going at it that hard.
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    My risk free casino - Final end of year report

    I started off with £1 spins, then moved down to 20p spins after the initial 3 spins to try and protect the profit. That's generally my tactic with these offers with high WR so I don't waste a load of time. Obviously 99% of the time it's all over very quickly and my pockets are empty!
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    My risk free casino - Final end of year report

    I did the Unibet offer a few weeks ago, played on Steam Tower and walked away with £220 after over two hours of spinning. I couldn't believe it. I still can't! I hit £160 after three spins or so and knew I was in for a long night. Was up to £290 at one point and definitely was on a downwards...
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    Online / Offline Focus Groups Respondent - Like Prolific but a bit more involved and higher paying

    I've done focus groups with Podengo before, they are legit and are one of the better organised companies out there in my experience.
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    Surveys [OT] Earn money with the fantastic folks at Prolific Academic

    Universities are on holidays at the moment so I'd expect it to be slow.
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    Call for participants

    Just to say that they have now amended to say you need to be diagnosed with Autism, which it didn't say yesterday!
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    Call for participants £12 Amazon voucher for approx 75 minute online study from Kings College. Must be 18-60, fluent in English and no known neurological, genetic, or psychotic conditions! I've signed up, waiting to hear back.
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    Sweatcoin - Get paid to walk!

    Not sure if anyone is still using this but you can get 2 months NOW TV Sky Movies pass for 5 sweatcoins today, new or existing Now TV users. V easy to cancel once you've subscribed so you don't keep paying.
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    Do you ever see yourself stopping this online earning malarky?

    I started 20 years ago (that makes me feel very old) collecting Beenz, which were points on little Java applets dotted around the (then much smaller) internet. Anyone remember them? I could only get part time work after Uni and moved on to Mystery Shopping and surveys, later on to matched...
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    The Money Shed 2018 World Cup £200 Sweepstake in association with Kloudhost

    Sigh. Fourth. Story of my life ;) Well done everyone!
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    Call for participants Chance to earn £5 Amazon voucher with an online study. Says it's an hour's work but I usually find these things don't take as long, though I am prepared to eat my words!
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    The Money Shed 2018 World Cup £200 Sweepstake in association with Kloudhost

    I have just aged about 100 years...