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    Money/Share Diary

    I personally do not buy individual shares, I stick to cheap trackers. I don't think you should ever buy according to tips, by the time it's published it's probably already peaked.
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    Get paid to play online browser game

    Update - I have finally requested a withdrawal! Not sure how long it will take, I am taking out 20 euros but a hefty 20% is taken and put back in the game! I probably could have taken out money earlier but I've always 'reinvested' it back in the game. As I was typing the withdrawal has come...
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    Money/Share Diary

    Also if you don't already, you should read a blog called quietly saving. A UK fire blogger.
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    £5 for 50 posts / £10 for 100 posts - OPEN!! (Closing on 30th June)

    I've posted 832 messages in total!!! I am not sure what that says about me!
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    Appen [OT] Appen Work Opportunities

    This is why I never request a refund unless it's faulty. Also if you look at the notes for this project, you are not technically meant to do that but of course, once you submitted the forms, they don't check.
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    Money/Share Diary

    Good luck and keep going, I have been following this path for 10 years and prior to that, I was just saving normally. The dividends for the last year haven't been great but that has to be expected.
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    Is it worth shopping around at different supermarkets?

    I didn't exactly do that but when things were tight I used to shop in the cheapest supermarket which for us was Morrisons, and then I also had a Costco membership so got a lot of other things like tea, biscuits, toiletries, pasta in bulk which saved us money.
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    Appen [OT] Appen Work Opportunities

    You can try to take the picture of just the box and see if they contact you back. I have always taken stuff out of the box to photo. The only other thing is to think if anyone you know would enjoy it for a birthday gift (hence save on buying another present) or sell it on eBay.
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    Question / Discussion Freelance request - Is this racist? (Any chance of a quick answer please?)

    @mulamula I hope you have not felt unwelcome here? This site isn't super busy. I only come on every few days and only look at the most recent posts so things can easily be overlooked by most of us. I honestly believe most people here are friendly and try to help. On this thread, I also think...
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    Question / Discussion Freelance request - Is this racist? (Any chance of a quick answer please?)

    I see what you are saying but I suspect you are giving them the benefit of doubt they do not deserve. It is like the question 'where are you from?'. Intent matters. Some people will say it and it is just a question of genuine interest but others say it because they are trying to 'other' the...
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    Question / Discussion Podcasts - Specifically Anchor

    I'll throw in a few insights on Patreon. Again not mine but one of my kids has a bunch of patreons, she offers them early access/previews of content and also does streams via Twitch showing them work in progress and answering questions plus their names appear on the videos. There is also a...