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  1. rscadds

    Bitcoin / Crypto Ziglu Referral offers

    Ziglu are a cryptocurrency exchange app that will immediately give you £5 on account creation no exchange of crypto required, this is freely able to be transferred out once you have validated your bank account by making a deposit. Sign up with my Ref Link ->
  2. Jon

    Smartphone Apps [OT] Roamler - Earn money using your iPhone or Android device

    Previously on TMS we have mentioned Field Agent, an App that lets you earn money while out and about. There is another contender that is worthy of space on your phone though and that is Roamler. The HQ of Roamler is based in Amsterdam but don't let that put you off. They have plenty of clients...
  3. jane potter app

    anyone using this. Another one that gives you points for answering quick questions? Just started using it but want to see what others think?