1. D

    Post Office Phone and Broadband £20 Voucher Referral + £50 Cashback

    I am a Post office broadband customer and they are currently one of the most competitive on comparison websites. They have a refer a friend scheme so if you wish to switch your phone and broadband to them, send me a message and I will send you the number to quote. Here's the link for further...
  2. L

    1 year broadband £124.99 with origin

    As my net is now due to end i have on the ball searching and omg i could not belev this deal. I managed to get 12 months unlimited broadband only for £124.99 . I never heard of the company , but im taken the risk as there half the price compared to other leading company's . So in true form...
  3. Jon

    The price of TV / Phone / Broadband is just becoming a joke!

    Is it just me who is paying through the nose for services like these. I'm with Virgin Media and we don't even have that much of a beefy package! Low tier TV Package with maybe 10 HD Channels 150mb Broadband Landphone phone WE NEVER USE Yet I am paying £61 a month for this and it's just crazy...