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  1. D

    Bitcoin / Crypto Bitwala - Earn 30€ with ZERO investment

    Bitwala - A bank account with integrated cryptocurrency trading 1. Download an app - 2. Create an account, there will be needed a video call with an agent for verification, better to do this after 19:00 as they are busy and you will need to wait at least...
  2. H

    Bitcoin / Crypto CoinMarketFeed - Airdrops

    As a new platform for learning, investing and earning crypto CoinMarketFeed launched giveaway for new registered users. Currently they offer 50 CMF tokens worth 5 USD as part of 2nd airdrop round. Registration takes no more than 1 minute. Follow these steps: 1. Register using this link...
  3. Wardy

    Other Referrals Coinbase

    Hello everyone, I couldn't find any referral links for coinbase so thought i'd start one here. There's are multiple of ways to earn free cash on coinbase. Method 1 - Up to $50 Watch a few videos from the referral link below, answer the questions afterwards and get £10 worth of Stellar...