1. David H

    Web hosting or Word Press - what comes first?

    Huy guys, I'm going to set up my own blog today, and have been referring to the great toolkit provided by TMS. I am just a little confused as to what to do first - as I can buy a domain and hosting for the name of the website/blog that I want but I don't want to pay for this if it means I...
  2. Jon

    TMS Exclusive Offer Exclusive HostPresto Offer - 1 Year of Hosting + Domain + UK Support + Free Migration from your existing hosting company if needed for £33

    I've spent the last few days working with the guys at HostPresto to bring you a FANTASTIC offer when it comes to website hosting! If you are thinking of running a self hosted blog or website then this is the time to make the leap. 1 Year of Hosting + Free Domain + UK Support + Free Migration...
  3. Jon

    EXCLUSIVE Money Shed Offer - Get 20% off Website hosting with Kloudhost

    The Money Shed has recently moved hosting companies to Kloudhost which is a UK Based web hosting company. As you can see their prices start from £2.99 a month and best of all, their support team all work out of the UK! You website will be SUPER FAST compared to some of the larger hosting...