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  1. D


    Hi Guys, First referral post joined this video survey site hence title lool Have fun Dell. Love your feedback . Cheers Download on Apple and Google
  2. lilszi

    BetaTesting - Test Applications and Websites and get Paid

    I have joined here and completed 7 testing tasks over the last few months. I had to test websites, casino games, android apps, and pc applications. Average pay was $10-15 for each task, and you can get bonus for providing valuable feedback and report bugs. Payment is to PayPal. There is no...
  3. R

    I Want to make money online

    Hi there I am a looking to make money online I have tryed reward apps where you paid play games and take surveys for their waste of time you done make enough money of them and there surveys don't normally go through i am trying to open a roamler account i haven't heard much success for the...