money making

  1. B

    Banking Ethical Investing App tickr - £5 credit & 2 planted trees.

    tickr is the investing platform making investing accessible to everyone. Sign-up, start investing and make a positive impact. All in just 5 minutes. Invest from as little as £5 Use my code benp5250 when you create your tickr account, and you’ll get £5 tickr credit. Plus, they’ll even plant a...
  2. K

    Excited to announce the release of my book how to make money using your mobile

    So it’s been a year in the making but I’ve finally finished my book. Its a detailed summary of all the money making apps I’ve discovered over the years, the pros and cons and how you can make money from them. If anyone wants to take a look or buy it I’d be very grateful How to make money...
  3. K

    App that pays you to share selfies!

    I recently discovered Oppa- a app that will pay you for doing something a lot of us all love - taking selfies. It's the first I've seen like it and i'd thought i'd share it with you all as it might be of interest to a few of you. Oppa has a community similar to Facebook, you can make friends...
  4. I

    Music Magpie! Get £5 FREE + 10% More On Your Total Order - Using My Referral Link

    Hi, If you are having a clear out of any old DVD's, CD's, Games, Phones, Laptops or Lego as well as many more electronics then you can get 10% more of the value by using my referral link and sending them into Music Magpie plus, not only do you get 10% more on your order value, you also get £5...
  5. Otommy

    CashKarma app, earn points for app downloading, surveys, watching videos etc

    Then exchange your points for PayPal, Amazon, iTunes etc, the payouts are pretty quick as well , use my invite link please for 300 free points cashKarma Rewards lets you earn top brand gift cards / cash. Use my code (theosawmon) or my invite link to get 300 points -
  6. katykicker

    January 2018 moneymaking challenge - All welcome! Let's get rich!

    Hello! Happy New Year! I can't believe 2018 is here already... Anyway, here we go.. Let's smash 2018, beat our 2017 goals, push hard and make LOTS of money! I'm going to be updating the links on this thread for this month with some great posts on money-saving too. If you're new to TMS then...
  7. katykicker

    May 2017 Money Making Challenge - All welcome! Win cash for joining in!

    Hey all. Welcome to the May 2017 money making challenge. Everyone is welcome to join and you can decide what you want to include in your target for the month. Feel free to update as little or as often as you want to and you can share your methods with others to help everyone maximise their...