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  1. I

    Other Referrals PENFOLD Private Pension Get £25 FREE + Government Bonus

    If you are looking for a private pension to begin saving/putting away money for early retirement then I highly recommend Penfold, plus if you use my referral code down below, you will get £25 FREE + £5 Tax bonus from the government, every £25 you save thereafter also will get a £5 Government...
  2. I

    Cashback App - Shoppix!

    Hi, There is a new app on the app store called Shoppix, like Receipt Hog and Shopimum it rewards you for scanning in your receipts the difference with Shoppix is that it is a lot easier and quicker to get money back - I have been using it for about 2 or so months and have already got £20 back...
  3. katykicker

    January 2018 moneymaking challenge - All welcome! Let's get rich!

    Hello! Happy New Year! I can't believe 2018 is here already... Anyway, here we go.. Let's smash 2018, beat our 2017 goals, push hard and make LOTS of money! I'm going to be updating the links on this thread for this month with some great posts on money-saving too. If you're new to TMS then...
  4. Jon

    TMS Exclusive Offer Exclusive HostPresto Offer - 1 Year of Hosting + Domain + UK Support + Free Migration from your existing hosting company if needed for £33

    I've spent the last few days working with the guys at HostPresto to bring you a FANTASTIC offer when it comes to website hosting! If you are thinking of running a self hosted blog or website then this is the time to make the leap. 1 Year of Hosting + Free Domain + UK Support + Free Migration...
  5. Jon

    Black Friday 2021 - HERE WE GO AGAIN!!!!

    Starts next week but they are having a pre event all this week it seems Black Friday Deals Week 2014 kicks off on Monday, 24 November but we decided to bring you some great offers a little early this year. In the countdown to the main event, we will bring you even more deals, all day, every...
  6. Jon

    Jon's Amazing TopCashBack New Members Offers

    As an affiliate of TopCashBack I get sent New Members offers all the time so I thought I would create a thread incase anyone wants to take advantage of them. I'll track stats on this thread to see what the update on this is.
  7. Jon

    The price of TV / Phone / Broadband is just becoming a joke!

    Is it just me who is paying through the nose for services like these. I'm with Virgin Media and we don't even have that much of a beefy package! Low tier TV Package with maybe 10 HD Channels 150mb Broadband Landphone phone WE NEVER USE Yet I am paying £61 a month for this and it's just crazy...