1. S

    Newbie! Advice Needed

    Hi all, I've just come across this website recently and it looks great and hopefully you can give us some advice. I've been working abroad up until a few weeks ago and after arriving home and settling back into UK life, I've been looking for work. As of yet there's not much work around where...
  2. J

    Hi guys

    Hi guys, I am glad i joined this lovely forum. I am Shm of two (2 and a newborn)and i have zero income :( , i tried leapforce lion bridge upwork but i dont get accepted. I am in desperate need of income but the refusal of the sites and lack of tasks and useless apps just put me off. can you...
  3. Clair

    I'm new here

    :) Hello, I'm new here and looking to find out more about this site and to be able to get to know people. I'm currently Just feeling my way round for now. I hope you can bear with me. Clair.
  4. Christinao

    Newbie :)

    Hi guys I'm a newbie here! Great site lots of awesome content! Just wondering what the best apps are out there for on the go tasking etc? Using task 360 and field agent at the moment made about £50/£60 already over a few days Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated thanks
  5. Scott Paterson

    I screwed up and I've got newbie questions

    Hi folks new to this group So I've been doing a little matched betting so far and that has helped me with extra income. what didn't help was blowing over £2500 on the online slots, but where there is misery there is an opportunity right? I'm taking a timeout from the matched betting for a short...
  6. B

    Newbie looking for advice

    Hi Everyone, This is my first post! I am currently working as a Quality Manager in the life sciences sector and looking to start earning something from home. I would like to use some of the skills I have from work. I have a science background and am good with data, data analysis, report...