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    Banking Chase Referral Offers

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    Quidco [OT] Quidco

    Quidco is a really great site that lets your earn cashback on things you buy. Earned over £400 since I joined by buying what I was going to do anyway! Great cashback offers on lots of online stores and things like mobile phone contracts. You get £1 for...
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    Bitcoin / Crypto Hi dollar - Earn 1 hi dollar each day for free is crypto that is invite only and pays you 1 hi dollar (worth $1.33 at time of writing) for each day that you sign in and answer 1 question, you will then be able to cash out when you get to 50 hi dollars.Invite only, get "hi" now. Please feel free to use my code...
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    Get 10% discount on all your fees for life, and earn up to 30% commission bonus when you you join Bithumb! Use the code: dgxwat Or the direct link below!;i=dgxwat
  6. M

    Bitcoin / Crypto Top 5 free mobile mining apps

    So far Pi Network, Timestope, Bee Network, Eagle Network and Midion are the top 5 mining networks in 2021 which are completely free to mine. Only five seconds a day on your smartphone and no investment needed, you have a chance to receive a huge amount of money as in the future these will be...
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    Other Referrals FREE £5 FOR JOINING VERSE

    Hi! I’m using Verse to send and receive money with friends. Join me by using my code, and earn £5: Easiest fiver you'll ever make to be honest 1. Download app using my link and complete registration including ID verification 2. Deposit £4 and transfer to another...
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    Utility Company Octopus Energy Referral Code

    Hi, We were so impresed with the easy sign up for an older relative when we helped her switch her electric supply that we decided to sign up ourselves with Octopus Energy for our electricity. The relative has already got a potential £400 in cashback for referring; which will cover her annual...
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    Banking PagoFX (from Santander) - Free £50 Amazon Voucher

    PagoFX is an international money transfer service from Santander which are currently offering a £50 Amazon voucher when you join and transfer at least £250, after being referred. You can send the money to yourself but the account can't have a UK IBAN number. I used Bitwala which offer a German...
  10. H

    Utility Company Utility Point Referral link / Referral code

    I've been a customer with Utility Point for a while now after my previous deal expired. They are great - For me they were the cheapest provider for gas & electrictity by a mile. If you sign up through my code you will receive £25 credit towards your energy (I will too). I would really...
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    Other Earning Opportunity Get £5 when invited to pingit

    Get £5 instantly - This is a super fast, super simple way to make £5 and open to ALL ages. All you need to do is message me your phone number so I can invite you. Once you've been invited, I request £1 from you which I then send back through the app and the Pingit app gives us £5 each instantly...
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    Other Earning Opportunity LBRY free crypto-currency$/invite/6EPSgeV9zyVkxwTBywSpNyPQZUn24AHh LBRY is a new protocol which allows anyone to build apps that interact with digital content on the LBRY network. Apps built using the protocol allow creators to upload their work to the LBRY network of hosts (like BitTorrent), to set a...
  13. N

    Other Referrals Simply Cook

    I have been with these guys for over 3 years now and I strongly recommend the subscription for those who have young fussy eating children and looking to provide a balanced diet, what's more they are now beginning to offer a vegan option. Simply Cook is a brilliant budgeted enterprise that lets...
  14. Naturally_vegan

    Future Points

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