1. K

    Three customers can save BIG

    If you're a Three mobile network customer, you have access to Wuntu, an app that literally gives the best deals no joke. You can get 40% off holidays, 50% of PayAsYouGym passes, 30% off Frankie and Bennys, and thats just the beginning. There's literally so many offers on days out its crazy and...
  2. I

    Automated saving & investing via bots and apps (Oval app)

    Hi all, Has anyone looked into using Apps or Bots for automated saving &/or investing? I've used OnTrees before to get an overview of my accounts, but not used the budget feature yet. In the last few months I've started using (']Oval which aims to 'help you monitor...
  3. Jon

    Anyone else a Costco member?

    We joined up a few months ago and have 2 two VERY LARGE shops there since. Yesterdays one was over £200 which I know seems like quite a lot of money 'up front' for your monthly shop but the savings you can have are insane. Highlights from yesterday included 72 cans of Pepsi...