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  1. B

    Other Referrals Pureprofile

    Hi everyone, I have just started using Pureprofile again for surveys. They have a pretty decent referral scheme, if anyone is looking to sign up to a survey site please use my link & feel free to post yours once you've used mine :)
  2. K

    Surveys App Quality Tester

    Hi All, I thought I would share this site as I haven't come across it on the forum. I joined at the end of November, but I did a study about Laundry last month where I had to complete three surveys in the space of a week. It took about 2-3 minutes from memory and guess what they paid. They paid...
  3. brian101

    Bitcoin / Crypto Cointiply - A survey site that pays in Bitcoin

    I came across this site a little while back and have been using it pretty consistently ever since as they pay me pretty consistently. What is Cointiply? It's a site like many other survey/GPT sites that pay you in crypto to complete different offers such as surveys, watch videos, click on ads...
  4. micameyerstarturn

    Question / Discussion Has anyone signed up to Opinion Inn (surveys)?

    Has anyone signed up to Opinion Inn? As I am watching Youtube videos and reading around about different focus groups and survey sites, I came across this one which was recommended by a vlogger/blogger who recommends survey sites. Opinion Inn: high paying rewards...
  5. micameyerstarturn

    Question / Discussion Are these sites any good today in Oct 2020?

    I have searched for information on these sites on here, they were being recommended on Reddit but some of them have mixed or bad reviews on sites like Trustpilot. Please can you let me know if you use them and if they are any good? Answerpoints Opinium research new vista live
  6. M

    Surveys earning online for the last two years

    So im going to start this off by saying i have been earning a side income (sometimes my only income) for the last 2/3 years ONLINE. and in the last two years or so there has been alot of changes in the ways ive earned money online. i have gone from doing surveys, testing websites, transcribing...
  7. L

    Surveys Inboxpounds - My preferred site

    I've been a regular user of Inboxpounds to earn that little extra that makes all the difference. I've tried Swagbucks and similar sites and much prefer Inboxpounds. In the last month I've earnt £6.74 as follows. Payment Bonus £1 PaidEmails £0.31 Surveys £0.20 Tasks £1.88 Searches £1.83 Videos...
  8. K

    The new survey panel that pays you what your data is worth! ( I earned over £20 in one month)

    I was browsing the app store the other day and came across MSR. MSR is essentially a survey app but pays a hell of a lot more then panels like Toluna and Cint panels. It's only available on the Iphone currently (as far as i'm aware) but each survey is really high paying and you can cash out as...
  9. strawbubbi

    What's your current favourite survey site?

    I've got so many survey sites saved and signed up to, but which are your favourites at the moment? I'd love to hear, please feel free to add more than one and explain why you enjoy them so much, and how often pay out is too :) Thanks!