1. megrawx

    Making a million pounds before my 25th birthday

    Hey guys! I have recently started a YouTube channel to document my life up to my 25th birthday. This year I want to stick to my New Years resolutions. So I set myself a target to make a million pound by my 25th birthday! This means I have just over 4 years to do this ahh!! Wish me luck :D...
  2. David H

    Does anyone else have a problem where the PA Oddsmatcher just doesn't load?

    Morning everyone, I have experienced this a few times where it will just say 'No matching records found', and bearing in mind that 'all bookmakers' is applied so it's not like it's struggling to find correct matches from specific bookmakers. Sometimes it works if I use my iPad or another...
  3. Naturally_vegan

    Future Points

    Use in safari or as an app on android, download apps and get paid, use this code to start with extra points and not from 0: Or type in the code 2MEZXD when signing up Have fun