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Hi.... If anyone want to go Lego Land on 1st July Thursday I have 2 free tickets, If anyone is intrested?
Hiya...hope you don't mind the PM...I've been trying to research printers that can handle 230gsm or around there, I picked up on a message from Rich110991 about you had recommended a printer, could I please ask what this was as I'm pulling what hair I have out...many thanks for any help/advice you can help me with..MAX
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Hi, I did not even know that this profile comment was a thing.

I have the Epson ET-2756 and it will handle 230gsm. It says in the specs that it will even do 300gsm.
Claire Baker
I have an Epson EcoTank ET2650 which is economical with the ink and prints very good photos. I use mine for digital art which, now I have sorted out the line issue, is fab. Definitely recommend
Hi. Did you get your referral bonus? Another person I referred said that they had to chase Utility Point. They asked for my account number which is UPD0267371

Hi they are asking for your name as well thanks
Hi Kitty, have you receive your free bet? I haven't receive mine.
No,I haven’t. The match I bet on isn’t til Saturday. And I bet 10p
, so I hope that is ok. But it didn’t say anything bout referral code or anything when dowloading the ap. And said about betting £5
It's ok. Once your bet is settled, wait until 1 day for them to credit us the free bet. If they still don't credit us the free bet in 1 day, we pm each other and I will give you my email to progress this matter with Kwiff live chat. Yes that correct, it doesn't require you to enter a referral code when you download the app and it doesn't have a required qualifying bet amount.
Hey - just saw your post about Pingit - if you still have some invites left.... thanks, Nick
Hello I still have Pingit invites. Pm me if you are interested.
Adopt Geordie accent>>>> "Day one: first day as a lockdown Just Eat driver!! wish me luck
How's it going?
Hi Katy its very good... can make a fortune from just eat and uber eats now too, but i started back at day job to do a contract for a few weeks (based in England working 24/7 monday to friday) so not done too much as am knackered on my day and a half at home each weekend...but yeah recommend Just Eat and Uber Eats
good luck!
Hello everybody. Won't be back to full on doing anything until around September as I need to take things slowly. However the good news is, all Cancer is gone and I finish Radiotherapy a week on Tuesday, so I only have 7 days left to go of treatment.

Be gentle with me, I'm only just dipping my toe back in the water after the best part of 10 months out of commission.

It feels good to be back though.
Kaye xx
Hello Ggoluwi, I was just wondering if you still had any Roamler referrals? If you do, my email address is

Thank you either way :)
Hi @BeanusMcflytrap; I have just sent you an invite. My sincere apologies. I am just seeing your message. Please let me know if you receive it. Thanks. J
Sorry for the delay, I received it and used it thank you
You welcome, glad you received it.
Hi Mark,

May I have your Utility Point account number and your name, so that I can check with Utility Point regarding the referer code.

Thank you very much.