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Moneymental is number 1 on google. Yay!
Perfection is the enemy of good (I keep having to remind myself)
Getting some good ideas now for extra earners!
Looking forward to being a part of TMS
Wondering if I'm starting to get a bit too hooked on these slot games
I did. When I first started 3 years ago, I would do 20p spins and worried when I was £1 down. A year later I would do silly money spins, sometimes it would pay off but more than likely, it wouldn't and I'd lose a lot. If you're thinking you're getting addicted, you are. Withdraw all your cash and walk away for a while. If you cant keep away, self exclude. I had to in the end.
It's so easy to lose a few hours just playing with how your website looks!
Shed heat - not money!
A quiet day today for me. I’ve been working hard networking and looking for opportunities/signing up to stuff etc, all while having the kids at home for the summer holidays.
I still can't believe on Wednesday it will be August. I still can't believe I have about 23 days until my birthday and in September I am going back to college. So hopefully I can earn quite a bit of money for August because come September I will be busy with 2 college courses
soon be christmas Forest
My offer has been accepted! I've bought a new house! Whoop!
nice work!!!
The rain has finally arrived!!!
did you not have rain yesterday/Friday? Thought I saw you'd posted something on Twitter.
Went back to an older domain - think it's time to install Askimet! Eek!
Getting back to this money making thing..
Wasting time on Twitter
Loving this gentle breeze.
Enjoyed the thunder / lightning / rain for the whole 10 minutes we got it in Leeds
Attempting to understand Google rankings and SEO...
The google analytics app is a bit addictive..
The Kloudhost half price deal was winking at me so I finally bought a new domain & hosting last night for a mini project. Eeeek!