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Just popped back in as been busy matched betting and loving it. Am just short of £6.5k profit since I started and I am quite lazy lol. Thank you to the Money Shed for fattening my bank balance!
Time to clean up my cPanel... how many domains??? How many MySQL databases do I really need - 38 seems a bit extreme!
I have SQL Databases for websites that I don't even run anymore!!
Hi all :) Discovered this place via reddit. I'm surprised I haven't signed up sooner, as I've used GPT sites ~5 years ago.
Hey! Crikey GPT sites! You must have driven yourself mad! You can pretty much dump all those now and grab the higher paying work on here and you'll be all set ;)
Haha, I actually got lucky with a YouTube video promoting the site that gained me lots of referrals... until it was taken down for spam/misleading/scams (typical YouTube).
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Hi all can't wait to join in & do something although I can make jewellery but due to ill health it's hard to get my mind in to hear & have had alot of untrustworthy people in my life trying to or have used me, befriended me for soul purpose of money. Now I'm so stupid how did I let it happen. I trust easily but now I don't. Looking to learn & be apart of community & do my jewellery as benefits stopped.
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Hi Gulay - sorry to hear this - it constantly makes my blood boil - there seems to be a whole population out there stood there with their hand out - trying to scrooge, steal or worse in order to get money!!!! gggrr - I have spent months taking POA over my Mum' affairs and I found £thousands of pounds had been taken from her bank accounts by people just ringing up and selling her stuff she did not need!
Anyway got it under semi-control till the scamsters find another way to commit fraud.!! - Nice link link below I use this site every day along with Receipthog App on my phone and have had payments of £20 into my Paypal - very nice - worth the clicking:
Amazon just contacted me regarding my seller account... I wasn't aware I still had one as I last used it in 2004!
Can I believe I've actually just bought some proper lights for LEGO animations - a bit of a short sale on Amazon! :D
So Respondent have contacted me to take part in a face to face interview next week.
Excited & should take me over £100 goal for January....
I really should get back into Matched Betting - I'm pretty sure most of what I make goes to Odds Monkey as I don't bother cancelling the subscription - oops!
So as a newbie here I'm still trying to get my head round it all & which is the way to channel my time. I've signed up to Prolific & Resondent thanks to @Jon
I've earned a few 3.00 on Prolific so far & waiting on surveys to come back from Respondent that I've applied for, so fingers crossed.
I have a few items listed on Ebay which I hope I will put to my 1st try at MB, scares me to be honest.
Afternoon All
Dee here, brand to all of this, looking to add to my current income from my normal 9-5 job.
All advice very much appreciated.
Thank you
Why does Google make its API key process so ridiculously complex. You need to be some sort of genius to understand it!