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  1. U

    Quidco [OT] Quidco

    Quidco is a really great site that lets your earn cashback on things you buy. Earned over £400 since I joined by buying what I was going to do anyway! Great cashback offers on lots of online stores and things like mobile phone contracts. http://www.quidco.com/user/24705/1802047/ You get £1 for...
  2. lilszi

    Other Referrals ShrinkMe - Link Shortening Service + $1 Free

    ShrinkMe - Link Shortening Service Highest paying URL shortener join now and earn Package Description / Country Earnings per 1000 Views Desktop Mobile / Tablet Greenland $22.00 $22.00 Ireland $16.00 $16.00 Belgium $7.50 $7.50 United States $7.00 $7.00 United Kingdom $7.00 $7.00...
  3. D

    Surveys Attapoll App

    Anyone heard of Attapoll android app? They seem quite good from their Twitter feed. Just wondered whether it's worth checking for the iPhone version if it comes out?
  4. Albaker73

    Smartphone Apps Storewards - Replacement For Receipt Hog Launches In UK

    Storewards is a brand new receipt scanning app and has now fully launched in the UK. The app is a replacement to the popular Receipt Hog service which closed at the end of August 2020, and is a good way to earn cash from the receipts you likely just throw away anyway! If you haven't come...
  5. J

    Question / Discussion COIN App

    Hi there, i keep seeing the app COIN appear on my social media feeds, wondering if anyone has tried it out or anything similar. I don't quite fully understand it, but from what i gather it sits as an app on your phone and earns you COINS as you travel around. Of which you can then trade...
  6. L

    Surveys Inboxpounds - My preferred site

    I've been a regular user of Inboxpounds to earn that little extra that makes all the difference. I've tried Swagbucks and similar sites and much prefer Inboxpounds. In the last month I've earnt £6.74 as follows. Payment Bonus £1 PaidEmails £0.31 Surveys £0.20 Tasks £1.88 Searches £1.83 Videos...
  7. adampinxton

    Banking Revolut Card Offers

    Join now through my link and you'll bag yourself a completely free card which can be used instantly! These are usually £5 + £4.99 delivery so you save a tenner. Revolut offers the best way to spend abroad in my opinion and allows you to hold many currencies including crypto currencies...
  8. Soozehound

    Smartphone Apps HuYu App - Upload Receipts and Earn :)

    Huyu are now doing referrals, if you've not heard of it it's a reciept app, you can download it from the play store, (not sure about iPhones) like Shopprize or Shoppix but it only accepts a few grocery stores. I've not had a payout yet but I'm getting close. Payout is at 500 points and it is 5...
  9. D


    Hi Guys, First referral post joined this video survey site hence title lool Have fun Dell. Love your feedback . Cheers http://bit.ly/2YYSyfe Download on Apple and Google
  10. lilszi

    GuessMaster - Daily Prizes - Earn Up to £350

    So, I just came across this site and played today's game, guessing how many dolphins are on the photo! Today's prize is £10 if you get it right, 5x2nd and 100x3rd place pay 60p and 1p respsectively. You have 3 guesses in one game. I have seen people saying they've won, so it looks legit...
  11. The Money Blog UK

    Music Magpie! Get £5 FREE + 10% More On Your Total Order - Using My Referral Link

    Hi, If you are having a clear out of any old DVD's, CD's, Games, Phones, Laptops or Lego as well as many more electronics then you can get 10% more of the value by using my referral link and sending them into Music Magpie plus, not only do you get 10% more on your order value, you also get £5...
  12. The Money Blog UK

    Fivestar OMS - Paid to Review Products + FREE PRODUCTS

    Hi! There is a new website called Fivestar OMS that is working it's way into the UK, the website is looking for product reviewers and testers in which you are sent products for free and get to keep them in return for a simple review, the better the review the more you earn! On occasions you...
  13. Jon

    Fancy earning £20 an hour teaching English as a second language online from home?

    This is an opportunity I've come across where you can teach people English as a second Language (ESL) The Requirements Be a native English speaker Have a Bachelor's degree Own a desktop or laptop computer with high speed internet and audio/video capabilities The role is contracted for 12...