1. georginauk

    I literally have no idea if I have made a profit or a loss overall... help!

    Hi all! I am new to this Matched Betting adventure... honestly, I have no idea what I am doing! I have been following PA's videos (I have done the Coral odder (which I think I did wrong because I didn't make anything out of it... I believe), Betfred's and Sky Bet's... My problem is, I must be...
  2. David H

    What actually happens when we underlay a bet on the exchange?

    I often see this on a lot of the reload offers and that is to: underlay the bet. My only issue with this is that if I then receive the free bet because the original bet failed with the bookmaker, how do you determine the loss to deduct with the free bet when the loss is not clear with the...
  3. David H

    In-Play Betting

    Afternoon everyone, I was just wondering whether it is possible to "match" in-play betting...though, I am presuming it can be done seeing as a lot of the reload offers are like this. Would someone be willing to give me a very brief explanation about how it's done? Or, is it the same...
  4. Christinao

    Newbie :)

    Hi guys I'm a newbie here! Great site lots of awesome content! Just wondering what the best apps are out there for on the go tasking etc? Using task 360 and field agent at the moment made about £50/£60 already over a few days Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated thanks