1. B

    Shares / Stocks Freetrade - Free share worth £3-80

    Freetrade, a new share dealing app have introduced a referral scheme. If you open and fund an account, you will get a share worth £3-80. Shares of £80 are less likely but there is nothing to lose. To qualify you will need to have funded your account with a minimum of £1 and purchased 1 stock...
  2. manduck

    Other Referrals Referral get up to £4000 cashback on your 1st investment

    Get 2-4% cashback up £4000 on your first investment with Kuflink Use the referral link to claim your bonus (An example of this is on a £1,250.00 investment you earn £31.25 as cashback which is 2.5%)
  3. E

    Shares / Stocks Orca Referral Offers

    Orca Investment App launching in late 2020. Similar to Trading 212 and Freetrade. The NEW offer is get a free share when you are referred upto the value of £200. You need to compete verification and deposit £50 in your account to activate this offer.
  4. E

    Bitcoin / Crypto Interested in investing in Crypto? MCO card $50 sign up has just recently started shipping their MCO Visa cards in Europe (including the UK). If you want to get involved in crypto some way, and also want to use it in everyday life, I think the MCO card is a great opportunity. There are 5 tiers of cards. The first tier is a free card with...
  5. S

    Shares / Stocks Tickr Referral Offers

    tickr is an app that makes it easy to invest in global companies working to make a profit as well as solving social and environmental problems. Your friend just needs to enter your referral code joshl260 during registration when they sign up!
  6. Mike_S

    Initiative Q

    Initiative Q is an attempt by ex-PayPal guys to create a new payment system instead of credit cards that were designed in the 1950s. The system uses its own currency, the Q, and to get people to start using the system once it's ready they are allocating Qs for free to people that sign up now...
  7. I

    Automated saving & investing via bots and apps (Oval app)

    Hi all, Has anyone looked into using Apps or Bots for automated saving &/or investing? I've used OnTrees before to get an overview of my accounts, but not used the budget feature yet. In the last few months I've started using (']Oval which aims to 'help you monitor...
  8. R

    How I earn money online - Informative information for beginners

    Hello all, So I've been earning money online, regularly, for around a year now. I started off just earning a pound or two per day, now I'm on my way to earning £700 per month! What I will show you in this thread is how to start earning and increase them, I will show mainly non-investment...