1. E

    Shares / Stocks Orca Referral Offers

    Orca Investment App launching in late 2020. Similar to Trading 212 and Freetrade. The NEW offer is get a free share when you are referred upto the value of £200. You need to compete verification and deposit £50 in your account to activate this offer.
  2. M

    Other Referrals Parallel Free £5 then £5 every referral. No I’d required
  3. Katwoman28

    Other Referrals StitchFix Styling

    Hi All, After being recommended this lots of times I finally caved! You pay £10 for the styling service, redeemable against any clothes you keep. You can send notes to your stylist and a series of yes/no quick surveys help to define your style. So far I’m really impressed. It’s nailed my style...
  4. manduck

    Bitcoin / Crypto Smart Marketing Token Referral Code EB519W8D - Use to get 5% Extra SMT on your purchase

    Get an extra 5% FREE Smart Marketing Token ($SMT) when you use the referral link below! You can also use the Bonus code EB519W8D at sign up too! The ICO ends on the 31 of October 2021.
  5. B

    Banking Monese Referral Offers

    Get a £5 welcome gift when you open a Monese account and deposit £10. The sign up is quick is easy you have to take a photo of your passport or driving license and record a short video saying I love fair banking and you're all set! Choose the free account and there is no fees! You can then...
  6. manduck

    Bitcoin / Crypto Minergate 65% Bonus when you sign up with Referral code!

    Minergate 65% Bonus when you sign up with Referral code! Mine Cryptocurrency easily with Minergate!
  7. M

    Bitcoin / Crypto Top 5 free mobile mining apps

    So far Pi Network, Timestope, Bee Network, Eagle Network and Midion are the top 5 mining networks in 2021 which are completely free to mine. Only five seconds a day on your smartphone and no investment needed, you have a chance to receive a huge amount of money as in the future these will be...
  8. B

    Bitcoin / Crypto LUNO Referral Offers

    Buy €250 worth of BTC or ETH and get €15 in BTC or ETH. You can then sell and withdraw to your € wallet and transfer out via IBAN (Revolut, Transferwise, etc.) 1) Download the app 2) Go to profile > settings > verification. Take a photo of your ID/passport...
  9. 0

    Other Referrals FREE £5 FOR JOINING VERSE

    Hi! I’m using Verse to send and receive money with friends. Join me by using my code, and earn £5: Easiest fiver you'll ever make to be honest 1. Download app using my link and complete registration including ID verification 2. Deposit £4 and transfer to another...
  10. F

    Bitcoin / Crypto Quantfury - Easy free crypto or share worth $10-$250

    Quantfury is a global crypto and shares trading platform and they have just started a referral programme that is offering a reward of up to $250 and a minimum of $10 when you deposit $100 of crypto. No KYC required. The following crypto tokens are accepted: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, DAI...
  11. B

    Bitcoin / Crypto Mode Referral Offers

    Mode is an iOS app enabling you to earn interest on your Bitcoin (5% APY). They have a referral programme: you get £10 free in BTC if you either buy for £100 in Bitcoin through them or hold a minimum of 0.01 BTC in your Bitcoin Jar (their interest account) until the next interest payment date...
  12. B

    Banking New - Vybe Carrd £2 - VERY QUICK!

    There’s a new bank account called Vybe and they offer you £2 per referral. The money will be linked with your card when it becomes available. Unlimited referrals and all you need is an email and number. I’d appreciate if you would use my link! My Link:
  13. P

    Other Referrals Dating Referral

    REDHOTDATING.CO.UK have a referral scheme. Sign up as a member (free). Scroll down to the bottom footer and click on Affiliate Programme. Join the programme. Advertise your referral link. The difference between theirs and other dating sites is they seem to pay for every message your referred...
  14. Kevinburrow

    Bitcoin / Crypto Swissborg Referral Offers

    So I'm by no means a crypto expert but this seems like a no-lose situation so I'm giving it a go. This seems decent and apparently pays out within 90 days. My referral RQ6KPJI Swissborg is a fintech based in Lausanne Switzerland, having raised a vast amount of money in 2018 ($50m) they have a...
  15. goldenmole

    Bitcoin / Crypto CoinSmart Referral Offers

    CoinSmart is a well know crypto exchange from Canada. They're coming to Europe at the end of January and has a waiting list that gives you a possibility to earn up to $200 by referring your friends. One referral makes you cut the waiting line and each further referral gives you a cash bonus...
  16. E

    Other Referrals Referrals (Free money) - Qmee, Attapoll, curve card (Made £40 from these 2 sources since Christmas)

    Join Qmee here. Lots of Surveys always available for anywhere between 10p-£1.50 per survey. Surveys are quick and easy to complete. The best thing is that there is no minimum cash out and and the cash arrives in your PayPal instantly. Sign up using this link to earn 50p for free. I personally...
  17. E

    Bitcoin / Crypto Interested in investing in Crypto? MCO card $50 sign up has just recently started shipping their MCO Visa cards in Europe (including the UK). If you want to get involved in crypto some way, and also want to use it in everyday life, I think the MCO card is a great opportunity. There are 5 tiers of cards. The first tier is a free card with...
  18. Detourcake

    Banking Free Paypal Money Offers

    Hello all, If you haven't joined PayPal already, you can use this link and we’ll both get £5 when you make your first purchase. Thanks.
  19. cygnusX

    £10 credit for referrals to EdPlace a English, Maths and Science revision site

    All you need to do is add the referral code y8qsx6 at the checkout. We have used EdPlace for a number of years now it is a great home education resource for your child and is suitable for primary and secondary students. With 1000s of interactive tutorials in English...
  20. S

    Bulb energy - cheap renewable energy and £50 credit for switching!

    Hello, I recently switched to Bulb energy, they were one of the cheapest options available for me, have excellent reviews and feedback and are 100% renewable energy. They have no fixed contracts so can leave at anytime, and if your current provider has exit fees they pay these for you! If you...