1. B

    Other Referrals Pureprofile

    Hi everyone, I have just started using Pureprofile again for surveys. They have a pretty decent referral scheme, if anyone is looking to sign up to a survey site please use my link & feel free to post yours once you've used mine :)
  2. K

    Surveys App Quality Tester

    Hi All, I thought I would share this site as I haven't come across it on the forum. I joined at the end of November, but I did a study about Laundry last month where I had to complete three surveys in the space of a week. It took about 2-3 minutes from memory and guess what they paid. They paid...
  3. K

    Earn $10(=£8) per 20 minutes!

    Hey, I'm new here so this might have already been posted but you can make about £8 per 20 minutes by doing something called user experience testing. This is when you record your screen as you use a website or app in development and tell the developers how you feel when using the website and...
  4. Alisha Fiaz

    Uni Students

    I am a university student, I work a part time job but it's just not enough money but a very rewarding job as a tutor. If I was looking for something that would help me earn a little extra, what would the suggestions be? I've tried the survey websites but I'm a bit too impatient I think to spend...
  5. S

    Surveys [OT] YouGov

    another decent site that send surveys via email is yougov. it is mainly current affairs etc and pays points for each survey maximum 20 minutes most are shorter. Points add up to money and cash out is £50. I have been member for 2 years and cashed out 3 times although to start I didn't do a lot...
  6. K

    Crowdology Post

    Hey, First post so be gentle with me. I've been using crowdology for ages and it works really well (bit time consuming but I use it on trains so passes the time). The only issue is, it's only on a web page and so sometimes it can be a bit hard to use. Does anybody have any similar apps that...