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May 27, 2022
At DatingKit.io we are launching a brand new platform for our business. We offer dating websites that are fully hosted and managed to anyone that would like to start their own highly profitable dating business.
We found that people love the idea of having a business like Tinder or Hinge but have no idea that development and hosting can run into a cool £250K alone, before facing some pretty big challenges to get it off the ground. What we have done is taken a lot of that away by providing a ready-to-run site that does everything for you, leaving you to just market it.
When we are fully up to speed, we will be charging people to have a site with us, but as we are soft-launching and would like to get a few people signed up to check for operational challenges we might face, we would like to sign up a few early adopters for FREE.

What is involved:
- Our sites do most of the heavy lifting. We host, and operate the day-to-day operations such as maintenance, payment processing, customer service, new features, etc. All a site owner would be required to do is market their own site.
- All our sites will come with active profiles already on them (a few real people who are ready to date people that you bring to your site)
- All of our sites have a built-in affiliate marketing system that will allow a site owner to sign up other affiliates to market their site for them. This offers a unique opportunity for affiliate networks to market for new affiliates to find their customers, rather than market directly for customers. It is a bit like sub-contracting out the marketing of your dating site to a thousand other people.
- All of our dating sites are free to browse, sign-up and receive messages. No subscription is required. The users only pay when they want to message someone they like.
- We pay site owners for every single message that their site customers send (regardless of whether they joined the site from your direct marketing, or an affiliate brought them to the site). Some of our early adopters are finding the average user is spending £40/month on messaging (with some rare examples of over £200/month).
- Your affiliates will be paid a smaller commission for every message one of their referred customers sends, and we pay them from our share, not the site owners, so it doesn't matter whether you find the customer or an affiliate does, you still get paid the same amount.

What is required:
- Site owners need to be over 18 years of age (or 21 if your country has different laws).
- Site owners will need to purchase their own domain name (Godaddy or Namecheap offer cheap domains).
- Willing to market your domain name/dating site.
- Payments are paid monthly to a bank account or PayPal (country restrictions may apply).

How to apply for a free dating site?
- Visit DatingKit.io for further details and contact us for a site (mention The Money Shed in your message).

Additional information:
- We are offering a free dating site for 1 year as a special offer for early adopters. After the 12 months, we will review your site and provided your site has regular traffic/revenue we may offer to extend the free offer beyond the 12 months as a thank you.
- The free offer is only available while we take on a few early adopters. Once we have reached a sufficient number of site owners we will be ending the early adopter free offer for future signups.
- Although this is an early adopter offer and a new platform we are launching, we WILL be financially compensating you for every paid message any customer you bring to your site sends. This is NOT a beta test, volunteer position or a get-rich scheme, but a genuine business opportunity to get paid bringing traffic to your own dating site.
- Marketing a dating site is hard (but very financially rewarding when done right), so please make sure that you have an idea of how and where to legally market to get traffic or affiliates before signing up.

If you have any questions I can answer them here, via DM or you can contact us via our site.


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Apr 5, 2022
Would the site need someone helping out such as mods?

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