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Oct 17, 2013
The crypto has been gaining popularity since a decade ago. Some online gambling sites have adopted it as payment methods in addition to the traditional method. Gambling can be compared with the crypto market in some ways. Apart from both having a close banking connection, they both involve some level of risks and strategy.

Risk involvement
Both gambling and investing in the crypto market involves some level of uncertainty and risks.

Placing bets on casino games or betting sites means risking one’s money as the outcomes are particularly based on chance. There are two possible outcomes for every bet you place; you either win or lose. Winnings in casino games especially slots depend entirely on luck. However, to reduce the risk of losing on your sports bets, it is better to use the best football predictions sites.

Additionally, the house has an edge (advantage) which varies from one casino game to another. Therefore, punters need to win over 50% of their placed bets to overcome the house edge so as to make profits in the long run.

The risk associated with crypto is quite high. Likewise, it can be viewed as a form of gambling. The crypto is a highly volatile digital currency. That is, their value may either increase or decrease with time. The fact that the cryptocurrency is unregulated by any governmental body makes it a highly volatile currency. Therefore, the value may rise at a given moment, and in a short while, it might decrease significantly. Many people have invested in the crypto market and lost a huge sum of money as a result of the value instability. You may expect the value of the cryptocurrency to increase in the future, but it may be otherwise. However, investing in it at times may yield a long term potential profit.

Close banking Connection
Apart from gambling and the crypto being associated with risk, they also have a close banking connection. Lately, the crypto-coin has been introduced as a means of payment in some gambling platforms such as poker rooms, online casinos, and sports betting sites. The Bitcoin is the popularly accepted cryptocurrency by most of these betting sites. Cryptocurrencies are a fast and secure method of gambling banking transactions.

Both gambling and crypto sometimes may involve some level of strategy to succeed, depending on the game type. Although winning in most casino games, especially slots depend entirely on luck; however, others depend on the combination of luck and strategy. For instance, poker games involve some level of experience and strategy compared with some other casino games. While playing a poker game, you have to think before you make certain decisions to win your opponents.

Similarly, investing in the crypto market involves some level of strategy to be successful too. There are diverse strategies you can use depending on your goal for your asset to increase. The easiest strategy to use to be successful in the crypto market is to invest in the asset and leave it in the long run for it to increase in value.
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