Question / Discussion Not exactly a beginner but haven't done this for a long time now and need some advice


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Apr 25, 2018

So basically I started making money online to help pay off my debt at the time (about £1,500) which I managed to pay off within a year and then mostly laid off with the surveys and money making to focus more on just enjoying life/working/family etc. I then became pregnant in July, and since 8 weeks I've suffered with extreme morning sickness (Hyperemesis Gravidarum) which is still ongoing and I'm 29 weeks now. I was being sick 20-30 times a day, unable to work, have been in hospital several times over the last few months and since 10th December I've been signed off work (after really trying hard to avoid it but was being sent home ill and losing out on a lot of pay) and won't be going back now as this will most likely last until the baby is born (im due 8th April). Because my sickness is pregnancy related I have been now told I must start maternity leave from 29 weeks pregnant which is tomorrow but I get paid monthly so won't be paid until next month. I also expected to get a months sick pay but because I had been so unwell but not signed off, my average earnings were too low and they didn't tell me I wouldn't get any SSP until I got paid nothing today. So I've been trying to sort it all out all day, however I will basically be going 2 months with no money apart from my partners income which will just cover the basics of food and bills. I've had to use my credit card for baby things and general stuff so I now have a debt of around £600-700 again.

Now I have more time to use my laptop and spend my time doing surveys etc, I want to try and get as much as I can when I am well enough to do so, before this baby arrives to try and keep us going and to avoid getting into more debt unncesessarily. I don't want to do match betting as I just cannot get my head around it, and I don't feel confident enough to do it, I don't want to risk losing any money. I do the odd survey apps on my phone like Qmee, yougov, and curious cat; but I need to get more serious and routine with it to earn even £20 a month which will cover one bill or some food shopping. From memory of when I did it before, prolific academic and populous live were the best which I still occasionally do and plan to focus on. But are there any other decent earners which would be good to look into that might be new in the last year or upcoming? What are your main focuses these days when doing surveys/tasks from home? I know this similar question gets asked a lot but I've been absent from this forum for quite a few months, so any advice/info would be appreciated and anyone in similar situations I'd love to hear from too. When I get more time later I will do some more searching through the posts and get myself more organised, just trying to not stress out right now and get a plan in place.

Thank you!


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Oct 17, 2013
Aye up

I would suggest you look at the blog posts to the Side (or below if you are in mobile) there are a whole raft of ways you can earn decent money

do you have a ball park figure for how much you are looking to earn each month?
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Jan 26, 2016
You have my sympathy. I also suffered from extreme morning sickness, my employers were not sympathetic. Thank goodness Kate Middleton came along and shone a light on it, yes folks it's real!!! Way too late for me, my kids are teens now!

prolific academic is probably still the best of the lot. Make sure you get the chrome extension so you are notified of new surveys. They go very quickly these days. Good luck with it.
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