What absolute howlers have you done when working from home / earning online?


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Oct 17, 2013
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We've all done them whenever we start working for a new company, same as any other job.

Roamler - When I did my first assignment for them I wasn't confident with it AT ALL. Caught caught my security on my very first task with them and just become a gibbering wreck who was unable to explain why I was taking photos of flowers lol - Never been back to that Waitrose store to do the task again ;)

Marketforce - I was just AWFUL when I Started doing mystery shopping. Looking back at it MF work is quite simply but no, not for me. I would forget to ask for reciepts and have to go back 5 / 10 mins later and ask for a copy. Once I had to do a task that involved using / checking the toilet in a underground sandwich outlet which is quite a simple task. I went to use it and they needed to get me a key, but the person with the key wasn't around, so they had to ring upstairs to get the person with the key, then the person with the key bought the key down but it was the wrong key.. I DIDN'T EVEN THE NEED THE TOILET!! My plan was to just dip in and out of the toilet but instead I sat in there with the lid down for a good few minutes due to all the hassle they had gone to to get me the toilet key!!!

iPoll - Back when I actually used to do tasks using that god awful app, I had to go in and take some photos within a shop of pancake mix but as you ALL know, it doesn't download the whole task when you accept it (or it didn't then at least) so I kept walking in and out of the bloody shop about 3 times to get more of the task take and then take photo, rinse and repeat. Must have look a right loon!

Anyone else got any?

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