Whole raft of new improvements / features are coming to The Money Shed


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Oct 17, 2013
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Over the next few months, a whole load of new features and improvements are coming to The Money Shed including...

Push Notification

No Longer will you have to login to TMS to find out if someone has replied to your thread! Instead, you can just get a notification straight through to your mobile device!!

More Flexibility with editing forum posts!

You will soon be able to be more creative with the formatting of your forum posts. You can change image sizes or even where the text appears in the post giving you FULL CONTROL!

UnFurling URLS

What is this you may ask. Well when you insert a link for your latest blog post it will actually now show a small rich preview of it!

NEW Bookmarking

A lot of people ask a LOT of questions on The Money Shed and sometimes you have to go and research and them come back to them with an answer. Now you can create bookmarks for yourself which will easily let you do that!

Once created they then appear in your profile

BB code and rich text editing for profile posts and comments

Profile posts are an essential factor in helping you guys express how you are feeling when you use TMS. Yet the overall experience in terms of creating this content isn't quite as advanced as, say, standard forum posts. So we thought it was time to change that :)

Creating profile posts now allows you to use the rich text editor, full BB code, smilies and everything that comes with it.

Show password field when logging in

There is nothing quite so frustrating as that feeling you get when you've typed your password and you just know you somehow hit an extra key somewhere. You know the password will fail, but you can't check the password because it's obfuscated. You just have to start again.

I'm sure I made a mistake when typing out my super secure password...
Fairly self-explanatory :) Soon you'll be able to simply click the "Show" button, to reveal the password:

I knew it! Damn you, fat fingers!
Just make sure no one is watching over your shoulder

There is much more besides all of this so if you have any other feature requests please do drop me a PM!!


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