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    Cash App £5 free

    Yes you will need to send the £50 in order to receive the free £5
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    Cash App £5 free

    Hey guys, I have been using the Cash App since they first launched it back in April in the UK. Originally they were given out £10 for each referral but now have reduced it to £5 but I can assure you that it's legit. If you want to make an easy £5 use my link to download the app and referral...
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    Shares / Stocks Trading 212 - Free stock worth up to £100 - Deposit minimum £1 (<24 hours cashout)

    Hey Guys. I've tried this and it actually works, see my bank statement screen shot attached of my withdrawal just after 3 days of depositing. Since then I have referred a friend and received an Intel share worth £38, it's a no-brainer. If you haven't signed up already i'd appreciate if you...
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    Matched Betting - Is it still worth it?

    Thank you for this detailed review, will it be fair to say that I could easily earn an extra £200 a month with PA from a few minutes a day even after the new sign up offers? Also one thing I haven't seen much of is the recommended bank balance to get started with, lastly does this work well for...
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    Penny a day/X per week challenge 2017!

    First I have heard of this challenge and it does make a lot of sense, looks like I will need to buy a bigger penny jar and get started!
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    KatyKicker's January 2017 - 30 Day Money Making Boot Camp ROLL CALL!!

    I've come across this post quite late but I'm still in, I WANT AN EXTRA £1000 IN JANUARY!
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    Keep yourself motivated with KatyKickers Top Tips

    As well as the tips mentioned in the blog my top tip for keeping motivated is setting goals and reflecting them each week, e.g. If I said I wanted to make £200 for the month and after a week passing I'm only on £10, it'll drive me to ensure I do whatever it takes to try and reach £100 by week two.
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    Save money on your car insurance

    I always pay off my insurance annually so that does bring the price down, as well as that I try to find other quotes online and if they are cheaper than the quote I am receiving from my current insurer they normally offer to beat it and throw in extra's such as breakdown cover
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    Mortgage free before I'm 45!

    This sounds like a great plan I am to do this within a few years of getting my foot on the ladder, when taking in a lodger is there any requirements required e.g. applying to your local council for permission, fire safety regulations etc?
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    Full Time Wage for Part Time Hours

    Hi Ricky, Could you send me a link to the specific Profit Accumulator videos as I would be intrigued to learn more
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    Earn money from affiliate marketing - WITHOUT A BLOG!

    This is a very useful blog which is something I have considered myself, I have heard there is a lot of conversion through Facebook but I wanted to know personally for you have you had much conversion through twitter?
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    ----- The Introduce yourself thread! -----

    Hi everyone, My name is Romell, I came across this forum from the blog, I hope I can learn a lot from you guys as well as providing input of my own
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    Smartphone Apps [OT] Task360 - Earn money completing tasks with your iPhone

    I signed up to Task360 not too long ago which was just in time for the Tesco battery checks, I done two in 1 evening, the first one I had to take photos as well as measure up as it didn't look like the template pictures, the second was just one photo which was relatively quick. Overall an easy...
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    Matched Betting - Is it still worth it?

    How many bets per day are we talking as I have considered signing up to MB but I work a full time job so was wondering if it would clash at all