free money

  1. L

    Other Referrals Hiro App - Sign up for a mystery prize.

    Hi everyone - Hiro is building home insurance that rewards you for owning smart tech. You could get a Free Amazon Gift Card (or others) just for signing up, using the referral code " law66 " and joining the waiting list (here: You get the reward three days later :) "Hey! I...
  2. F

    Bitcoin / Crypto (Get $50 for signing up)

    Step 1: Click this link and sign up. (If you signed up and are within 10 days, you can enter in this code: 4vvw87kvwz Step 2:Friend completes sign up, passes KYC verification and gets Sign Up-Bonus ($50 USD in MCO locked in their MCO Wallet) which is...
  3. K

    Win a £25 H&M Gift Card!

    Win a £25 H&M Gift Card Click here - You are required to register for this site, but there are LOTS of other competitions which you can simply click and you are in the draw :)
  4. I

    Bitcoin / Crypto Coinbase Earn £50+ In crypto absolutely free

    Coinbase Earn invite, + answers to quizzes earn up to ~$100 in Crypto Reply to get the links and answers. Will update when there are no more invites left Note: you need a verified coinbase account to do this here are my refs if you dont use some of them you will be put on a wait list this way...
  5. B

    Banking Anna Money FREE £25

    ANNA Money are giving away £25 to new joiners using a referral link (the person referring you also gets £25) It is a business current account for startups, small businesses and sole trader. (Blogging, Etsy, EBay or another other side hustle included!) It is free to open an account and you get a...
  6. D

    Bitcoin / Crypto Bitwala - Earn 30€ with ZERO investment

    Bitwala - A bank account with integrated cryptocurrency trading 1. Download an app - 2. Create an account, there will be needed a video call with an agent for verification, better to do this after 19:00 as they are busy and you will need to wait at least...
  7. B

    Shares / Stocks Trading 212 - Free stock worth up to £100 - Deposit minimum £1 (<24 hours cashout)

    Do you want to get a free stock share worth up to £100? Create a Trading 212 Invest account using this link and we both get a free share! Follow these steps... 1. Click on the above link and click open account, when selecting an account type click the INVEST...
  8. lilszi

    GuessMaster - Daily Prizes - Earn Up to £350

    So, I just came across this site and played today's game, guessing how many dolphins are on the photo! Today's prize is £10 if you get it right, 5x2nd and 100x3rd place pay 60p and 1p respsectively. You have 3 guesses in one game. I have seen people saying they've won, so it looks legit...
  9. lilszi

    PacketStream - Get paid for your internet bandwidth

    Similar to FluidStack but focuses more on data transfer, basically you sell them traffic/bandwidth trough your internet connection. Payment is $0.1 per GBytes transferred, withdrawal to PayPal. Not bad for doing nothing. There is no uptime requirement, you run it whenever your PC is on, or...
  10. Wardy

    Other Referrals Coinbase

    Hello everyone, I couldn't find any referral links for coinbase so thought i'd start one here. There's are multiple of ways to earn free cash on coinbase. Method 1 - Up to $50 Watch a few videos from the referral link below, answer the questions afterwards and get £10 worth of Stellar...
  11. B

    Banking Monese Banking App

    Get a £5 welcome gift when you open a Monese account and deposit £10. The sign up is quick is easy you have to take a photo of your passport or driving license and record a short video saying I love fair banking and you're all set! Choose the free account and there is no fees! You can then...
  12. K

    Win money for free online

    You've probably all heard of the biggest free lottery - Pick my postcode - but did you know there are a lot more you can sign up to win money (for nothing)? I've written a post on some of the free lotteries and raffles you can sign up for the chance of winning a nice bit of pocket money without...