free money

  1. O

    Lightyear, free £20

    Lightyear Sign up, deposit £50, wait until the deposit has cleared ( will take between 1 min and 1 hour max) then you can withdraw your 50 straight back to your bank. Within 1 day you will get £20 free
  2. O

    Cashapp free £5

    Cashapp - instant £5 Join me on Cash App! It's the easiest way to pay and get paid by anyone with just a phone number or email. Use my code to get started and we'll each get £5. GKPBCRG When you sign up make sure you click your profile, scroll down to the...
  3. katyd92

    Shares / Stocks Referral Offers £5 FREE with £1 deposit *changed 27th May

    £5 free in a Share for £1 Deposit with This is a fantastic offer that is still live, a whopping £5 Free with just a £1 deposit. 1. Must be completed via a mobile phone 2. Follow the referral link sign up and verify ID - 3. Deposit just £1...
  4. lilszi

    Other Referrals InboxPounds - eToro - £80 for £25 deposit and trade

    InboxPounds a sister site of SwagBucks is now offering £80 for Sign up on eToro (New users only) Complete KYC (quick ID verification) Deposit £25 and buy / trade anything with the £25. Then you will receive £80 to your InboxPounds after 32 days, which you can redeem for gift cards or cash on...
  5. lilszi

    Other Referrals FreeCash - $80 eToro Offer - Earn Money by playing games, completing offers and surveys

    UPDATE: $140 offer is now unavailable, but there is another $80 reward for $50 deposit still going. FreeCash is an Offerwall site you may already be familiar with the concept. You do offers to earn cash back. Sometimes purchase has to be made, sometime just need to deposit some money...
  6. S

    Other Referrals Twig - £3 instant cash - no deposit

    Twig This is an easy and instant £3 you can get in minutes. Twig let's you sell your unwanted clothing items and goods. To get the £3 you need to: 1. Register then you will get £2 2. KYC identity verification - gives you another £2 3. Withdraw to your chosen bank account, you will have £4...
  7. lilszi

    Other Referrals ShrinkMe - Link Shortening Service + $1 Free

    ShrinkMe - Link Shortening Service Highest paying URL shortener join now and earn Package Description / Country Earnings per 1000 Views Desktop Mobile / Tablet Greenland $22.00 $22.00 Ireland $16.00 $16.00 Belgium $7.50 $7.50 United States $7.00 $7.00 United Kingdom $7.00 $7.00...
  8. E

    Shares / Stocks Orca Referral Offers

    Orca Investment App launching in late 2020. Similar to Trading 212 and Freetrade. The NEW offer is get a free share when you are referred upto the value of £200. You need to compete verification and deposit £50 in your account to activate this offer.
  9. K

    Banking PayPal Free £10 Offer

    Hello everyone, Currently, PayPal has a promotion going on in which you and a friend can earn £10 each for a few minutes of each others time. Click the spoiler to view the image: So, essentially you can invite someone to sign up for PayPal by sending 1p to a not yet registered email. Then, if...
  10. 0

    Other Referrals FREE £5 FOR JOINING VERSE

    Hi! I’m using Verse to send and receive money with friends. Join me by using my code, and earn £5: Easiest fiver you'll ever make to be honest 1. Download app using my link and complete registration including ID verification 2. Deposit £4 and transfer to another...
  11. LeeS

    Gambling Football Index Offers

    Had a quick search couldn't see that any has a thread on it so was jist wondering if anyone is doing or has done it and what was your thoughts on it
  12. E

    Other Referrals Referrals (Free money) - Qmee, Attapoll, curve card (Made £40 from these 2 sources since Christmas)

    Join Qmee here. Lots of Surveys always available for anywhere between 10p-£1.50 per survey. Surveys are quick and easy to complete. The best thing is that there is no minimum cash out and and the cash arrives in your PayPal instantly. Sign up using this link to earn 50p for free. I personally...
  13. loudtotal1

    Banking CashApp Referral Offers

    You will get £5 that can be instantly withdrawn if you're a new customer signing up to Cash App. - Cash App are a payment service like Paypal owned by Square. Download Cash App from the link above or from the app store and make an account. Once you've signed up open your...
  14. F

    Banking PagoFX (from Santander) - Free £50 Amazon Voucher

    PagoFX is an international money transfer service from Santander which are currently offering a £50 Amazon voucher when you join and transfer at least £250, after being referred. You can send the money to yourself but the account can't have a UK IBAN number. I used Bitwala which offer a German...
  15. I

    Bitcoin / Crypto Celsius Referral Offers

    Celsius Network is a cryptocurrency platform and phone app who's claim to fame is that they offer you the ability to earn interest on your cryptocurrency. It is compound interest and it is paid into your account on a weekly basis. They are offering new users a sign up bonus of $20 worth of BTC...
  16. Finnsdad

    Banking Free €10

    Get €10 BTC from Kriptomat cryptocurrency platform. Make at least 100 EUR worth of buy or sell transactions to get this bonus. For refferal also gives €10 BTC. 1.Sign up using this link to get bonus **Note...
  17. bigsoftpunch

    Other Referrals Wise - £50 transfer money and make upwards of £90

    Wise are popular online money transfer service which you can easily exchange currencies and send them to most of the other countries in the world. They're currently offering new users a free money transfer and if you successfully make this transfer of £200...
  18. B

    Other Earning Opportunity Get £5 when invited to pingit

    Get £5 instantly - This is a super fast, super simple way to make £5 and open to ALL ages. All you need to do is message me your phone number so I can invite you. Once you've been invited, I request £1 from you which I then send back through the app and the Pingit app gives us £5 each instantly...
  19. L

    Other Referrals Hiro App - Sign up for a mystery prize.

    Hi everyone - Hiro is building home insurance that rewards you for owning smart tech. You could get a Free Amazon Gift Card (or others) just for signing up, using the referral code " law66 " and joining the waiting list (here: You get the reward three days later :) "Hey! I...
  20. F

    Bitcoin / Crypto (Get $50 for signing up)

    Step 1: Click this link and sign up. (If you signed up and are within 10 days, you can enter in this code: 4vvw87kvwz Step 2:Friend completes sign up, passes KYC verification and gets Sign Up-Bonus ($50 USD in MCO locked in their MCO Wallet) which is...