matched betting

  1. David H

    Where does most of the money come from?

    Hi everyone, I started Matched Betting (MB) before finding this site. I actually use Profit Squirrel but at £24.99 I'm thinking I might give Profit Accumulator a go as it's cheaper. I know it can take a long time to start, but even though I am making a profit and I can see why people do MB...
  2. T

    MBing - Steep learning curve.....

    Hello, Didn't know anything about MBing until joining The Money Shed, now after 3 days of reading Forum discussions and Youtubing I realise this is a very complex undertaking for someone like me with next to zero knowledge of Betting etc. So my 4 main concerns are - How easy or not is it to...
  3. The3gambas

    Super slow progress - help!

    Hi everyone, just joined themoneyshed as I enjoyed reading the info on here and now I'm looking for some reassurance. Aside from one mistake where I used £5 of s free bet accidentally when I thought my qualifying bet hadn't been placed, I've been working on the matched betting for a week now. I...
  4. Matchedbettingmum

    Win an annual Profit Accumulator package - worth £150 - closes 31st August 2017

    I've teamed up with Profit Accumulator to launch a competition on my blog to win a year's Profit Accumulator platinum membership package. The competition closes on 31st August so there's lots of time to enter!
  5. Cas

    High profiles games to bet on

    Any suggestion for any high profiles games to bet on today?