matched betting

  1. O

    Matched Betting Specific Offer Question / Info Kwiff give out a free £10 with no wagering requirements

    Hi Anyone used the Kwiff app which provides boosted odd? Wondered what people's experiences were involving MB?
  2. Jon

    Matched Betting Guide / Instructions The Money Shed Presents : Make Money from Matched Betting – Beginner’s Guide

    If you've ever wanted to give Matched Betting a go then take a look at our Beginner's Guide It's over 7000 words, 24+ sections and covers everything you need to know about the subject to help get you started earning money sooner than ever...
  3. H

    Placed my first bet

    I’m very new to all this and I’m not 100% sure I’ve done everything correctly but I made my first bet. I had already opened a lot of betting accounts therefore I have gone for the Smarkets offer. I will post an update. Fingers crossed I’ve done it right
  4. L

    Mecca BOB Bingo

    Mecca Bingo are offering free play on the BOB Bingo rooms again until March 4th. Deposit £10 and play in the BOB room. If you don't win they will credit up to £10 in loses daily. They ran this offer before and I won a good few quid. If you do win they will not refund...
  5. N

    Win a lifetime copy of Betslayer Arbing Tool

    Fancy a chance of winning a premium Betslayer package? Enter this competition to grab a lifetime subscription. For those interested in expanding on their Matched Betting - please visit and enter here
  6. B

    Matched betting doubt

    Hi I am new here, i completed signup offers couple of years ago but I couldn’t continue matched betting due to some personal circumstances. Can somebody please tell me how much bank do I need to start reload offers(to make up to £300/month ) for both bookies and exchange? I would really...
  7. georginauk

    I literally have no idea if I have made a profit or a loss overall... help!

    Hi all! I am new to this Matched Betting adventure... honestly, I have no idea what I am doing! I have been following PA's videos (I have done the Coral odder (which I think I did wrong because I didn't make anything out of it... I believe), Betfred's and Sky Bet's... My problem is, I must be...
  8. MissPennyMoney1

    First post!

    Hi everyone, glad to be on board! I’ve been lurking a bit as I’ve been setting up my blog and social media channels, as well as studying other ways to make money. I’ve just read Jon’s guest post on The Female Money Doctor’s blog about making £1000 in a month and just took a look at the task...
  9. David H

    SunBets is closing - remember to withdraw any funds!

    Hi guys, I have just received an email regarding the closure of SunBets - initially thought that is was a gubbing e-mail and it's akin to opening your GCSE results!!!! 'If we are unable to contact you or otherwise return your funds by 17th September 2018 any remaining funds will be donated...
  10. David H

    What actually happens when we underlay a bet on the exchange?

    I often see this on a lot of the reload offers and that is to: underlay the bet. My only issue with this is that if I then receive the free bet because the original bet failed with the bookmaker, how do you determine the loss to deduct with the free bet when the loss is not clear with the...
  11. David H

    Learning from mistakes: lost money via the tennis retirement rules at the exchange.

    Morning everyone, This is when you realise that the BetBright text result is worth having, because otherwise I would have been completely ignorant to the fact that my tennis free bet had been refunded and that my bloody exchange (that lost) went through! Annoyed is an understatement - where's...
  12. David H

    Confused over the risk free horse racing free bets on Bet365?

    Hi everyone, Basically, I am quite aware of the Bet365 offer with the risk free bet if your horse wins. Well, it just so happened that my horse did win but it doesn’t update your winnings for a while? At least, not when I kept checking. So, because it wouldn’t update and the next ITV race...
  13. David H

    Is it mega easy to be gubbed from Bet365?

    Hey everyone, I am just now approaching the £125 refund for the each-way bet offer for the Grand National, though, I think I read on a PA email (or something similar) that "if you're lucky enough not to be gubbed" in regard to Bet365. I was just wondering whether this is true or maybe this...
  14. David H

    How to determine profit with Each Way bets?

    Hi everyone, I have now got to the point where I am confident enough to give the each-way bets a go: I have watched the video a couple of times on PA, but it doesn't explain how to determine profit? Thank you!
  15. David H

    Does anyone else have a problem where the PA Oddsmatcher just doesn't load?

    Morning everyone, I have experienced this a few times where it will just say 'No matching records found', and bearing in mind that 'all bookmakers' is applied so it's not like it's struggling to find correct matches from specific bookmakers. Sometimes it works if I use my iPad or another...
  16. David H

    Does anyone else procrastinate?

    Hi everyone, i was just wondering if there are others on this forum that are terrible for procrastinating? I am a terrible procrastinator and have always been, especially through high school, university etc. but of course a deadline always was the main motivation to get something done at the...
  17. David H

    When is a Price Boost worth doing?

    Hey! Now, I know that in order to accumulate a large amount of profit it's recommend to try and do every single offer available. Now, my question is... I received a price boost offer for a West Ham v Liverpool match for Liverpool to win boosted from 1.66 to 2.20 and the price boost is given...
  18. David H

    In-Play Betting

    Afternoon everyone, I was just wondering whether it is possible to "match" in-play betting...though, I am presuming it can be done seeing as a lot of the reload offers are like this. Would someone be willing to give me a very brief explanation about how it's done? Or, is it the same...
  19. T

    Couple questions about MB: withdraw, secure MB

    Hiya! I've been reading a bit about MB and I have a couple of questions... Since MB uses offers from bookers, I guess you have a minimum amount of money to bet on before being able to withdraw, so I was wondering how long did it take for you to be able to get your original bet + benefits...
  20. M

    My Side Hustle

    Hello everyone. I only began my journey to earning money online two weeks ago so new to all of this. I have a 9-5 job so I have limited time available to dedicate to this, but I am determined to make additional income on the side. My Side Hustle plan: I want to generate passive streams of...