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Nov 17, 2021
If you haven't joined TopCashback then here is a good excuse! It is a great way to earn cashback for everyday and special purchases. All you have to do is click from TopCashback to the retailer and complete your purchase and you will then accrue cashback based on the amount of your spend with that retailer. There are offers and exclusive deals every so often so in my experience always worth checking with TopCashback before you checkout online. I find that generally the reward levels are higher than Quidco (for retailers I frequent)

It can take some time (months) to get the actual cashback so patience is required but it does build up over time if you consistently use it for all of your online purchases. Once the cashback is payable there are lots of ways to get the money out including BACS direct to your bank with additional up lifts if you take the money as giftcards etc.

Have a look at the range of retailers available here: and if you think it works for you then please use my signup link

They run this scheme all of the time but at the moment and until Tues 4 Jan 22 if you signup using my link you will get a £10 signup bonus once you have earned £10 cashback and I will also get a referral incentive of £25. So use it a few times and double your money! Will need some patience though but this is very much a long term habit to be developed in the coming year.

There are more details about how the scheme works on the main earning thread written a few years ago by Jon:

Please sign up using for us both to benefit.

Any queries please get in touch.
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Jan 20, 2022

Im sure this one need no introduction, this is easily my number 1 cashback site, this site can be used inconjuction with other offers to get more cashback from already good deals. This site pays out as soon as you make £10 which youll find is not hard at all, 1 offer could easily give you this.

Here is my guide for getting £37.60 for a £1 deposit from combining offers, 10 - 15 minutes work, no trial to remember to cancel, no hidden costs.
(If you already have topcashback you'll only get £27.60)

1.Sign up to topcashback
Ref: (will only get bonus £10 for sign up with this link)

2. Search chip

3. Sign up to chip

4. Head to the "Promos & Referrals" section on your profile and enter the code CHIP-ADX376 for £15 AFTER YOU DEPOSIT £1 FOR 30 DAYS.

Topcashback will pay you £12.60 for signing up to & chip.
Chip will give you £15, using the code above once registered.

There ya go £37.60 in about a month's time, then you can draw your £1 back out aswel lol


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Oct 16, 2016
I know there is a thread for Topcashback but I can't find where the heck its gone, so sorry for the new message. If anyone can append this to the existing thread, then please do.

Top Cashback are doing another sign up offer where you can get £10 in bonus cashback if you sign up through a referral. The bonus cash is paid once you have earned at least £10 in cashback payable.

If anyone isn't already aware of Topcashback, it is the biggest and best cashback site which pays cashback on your shopping on hundreds of websites including ebay, argos, B&Q, Marks and Spencer, etc....

There are also a lot of utilities and services on there with generous cashbacks. I've just got £42 cashback from my car insurance, for example.

But that's not all! For the matched bettors among you there are also some casinos and bookmakers offering cashback, like Betfair.

But wait - that's still not all! Once you are a member you will get a referral link too which you can send to all your friends and earn yourself some extra cashback.

My referral link for £10 extra cashback is: Click here for Top Cashback - Earn money back and £10 bonus when you shop (you must sign up though this link to get it)

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Mar 23, 2022
TopCashback are offering a £10 bonus for new signups until the 28th March.

In order to receive the the bonus, sign up using the referral link below and generate £10 cashback.

Referral Link (£10)

There are a number of great offers available to generate the £10 cashback required:

Recommendations include:

- Chip
- Hello Fresh
- Gousto

Once £10 cashback has been generated, the bonus will become available.

Cashback in general may take a while to become available to withdraw however I have not experienced any issues receiving the money eventually. I use the site for most online purchases and it's a great way to get a little back at many different retailers.

Let me know if there are any questions and I'll be happy to help!


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Jun 13, 2020
TopCashBack are currently offering a free Easter egg via their snap and save offer, simply buy £1.50 worth of easter eggs (can buy multiple or if it is more expensive you will get £1.50 back) and save and take a photo of the reciept for the £1.50 cashback

Offer valid from Tuesday 5th April until 23:59, Monday 18th April 2022, your snap should be submitted before offer expires.

This is for new or existing users and already got my cashback for this. If you haven't already signed up to TopCashback and want to take advantage of this offer I would really appreciate you using my referral link.

They have a ton of cashback offers in general so it's a great site to be on if you do a lot of shopping, check TopCashBack first to get money back
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