Money Making Megastar!
May 13, 2018
I have won today:
1 x Santa (won 10p)
2 x Prize Draw Entry

hopefully will be able to land some more wins in later today!


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Nov 17, 2021
If you haven't joined TopCashback then here is a good excuse! It is a great way to earn cashback for everyday and special purchases. All you have to do is click from TopCashback to the retailer and complete your purchase and you will then accrue cashback based on the amount of your spend with that retailer. There are offers and exclusive deals every so often so in my experience always worth checking with TopCashback before you checkout online. I find that generally the reward levels are higher than Quidco (for retailers I frequent)

It can take some time (months) to get the actual cashback so patience is required but it does build up over time if you consistently use it for all of your online purchases. Once the cashback is payable there are lots of ways to get the money out including BACS direct to your bank with additional up lifts if you take the money as giftcards etc.

Have a look at the range of retailers available here: and if you think it works for you then please use my signup link

They run this scheme all of the time but at the moment and until Tues 4 Jan 22 if you signup using my link you will get a £10 signup bonus once you have earned £10 cashback and I will also get a referral incentive of £25. So use it a few times and double your money! Will need some patience though but this is very much a long term habit to be developed in the coming year.

There are more details about how the scheme works on the main earning thread written a few years ago by Jon:

Please sign up using for us both to benefit.

Any queries please get in touch.
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